Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N)

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Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers

Dictionary An unabridged dictionary from aalii to zymurgy, including a pronunciation guide. Atlas An atlas featuring maps and detailed profiles of all countries and the 50 U. Encyclopedia A current and comprehensive encyclopedia covering all the major branches of knowledge from astrophysics to Zimbabwe. Then B M is a tcochain complex with tcoboundary operator d. If axis. An element of the free to this product, H D forms an algebra over R Z-module generated by singular r-simplexes of called the de Rham cobomology ring of M.

Let w be a orientation induced naturally from that of M. M, and let aC be the boundary of C.

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Divergence of a Vector Field domain with regular or smooth boundary. Let M is orientable, dD is also orientable.

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Now let o be a differential form of degree n, and let M be a paracompact and oriented manifold xl,. Then we cari Let C be a characteristic function of D in M, express w in the coordinate neighborhood i. LetQbea function a is positive for any coordinate neigh- differential form of degree n in M with com- borhood in S, we cal1 w a volume element of pact support. We define the integral of Q over M.

The Transfer Principle

In a paracompact oriented manifold, there. We remark that an n-dimensional differentiable M is orientable if and only if there exists an everywhere nonvanishing manifold. We then have compact support. Then ,f. We de- each coordinate neighborhood. J; M, NI. Pseudogroup Structure.

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Let X be a topological space, and let r be a set consisting of homeomorphisms f: Uf- V,, X. Let f and g be such if fe r, then the restriction off onto any open mappings and p be a point of M. We say f and y are equivalent at also in r.

We denote by JP M, N the set of fl U, n U, ; and iii A is the maxima1 set of a11jets of order r with source at p and target in bijections that satisfies conditions i and ii. For any We introduce in M the weakest coarsest jet j, let n, j and n, j denote the source and topology such that every bijection CIis a the target of j, respectively.

We cari introduce homeomorphism. For a The r-structure in this case is called a complex Hilbert manifold, a partition of unity subordi- structure. The r-structure in this case is called a smoothly embedded as an open set of a Hil- contact structure. The classification of r with reason- diffeomorphic if and only if they are homo- able conditions is another important open topically equivalent. A typical example of a problem. Hilbert manifold is provided by the space of Haefliger has constructed the classifying L2-loops on a compact Riemannian manifold.

Morse theory cari be extended in a suitable way to a Riemannian Hilbert manifold under the Palais-Smale condition, which makes it Z. Infinite-Dimensional Manifolds possible for the integral curve of gradfto tend to a critical point, where fis a Morse function. These facts dowed with the topology defined by uniform permit us to generalize the notion of differ- convergence of the components of vector fields entiable manifolds to infinite-dimensional and a11 their partial derivatives on each com- ones.

Actually, infinite-dimensional manifolds pact set of M. However, X M x. When Vis a topological algebra and gives a criterion for whether a manifold is the elements of X M act on Vas derivations, finite-dimensional or not. Differentiahle Manifolds. There is dimM. Auslander, Differential geometry, Har- per, Bishop and S. Fuks cohomology naturally yields the co- [3] N. Here a analytiques, Hermann, Then there is [S] S. Kobayashi and K. Here, supp Xi denotes [ 1 l] J. Let topology, Ann.

Japan, Sternberg, Lectures on differential fiber bundle over M with fiber P2,,. Then, if geometry, Prentice-Hall, M is a compact oriented manifold, the co- [ H.

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In theory, Princeton Univ. Eells, A setting for global analysis, Bull. Hj a,,.

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Burghelea and N. Kuiper, The homotopy type of the R as graded algebras, where F E, denotes unitary group of Hilbert space, Topology, 3 the space of a11 the continuous cross-sections , Palais and S. Smale, A generalized Moreover the differential graded algebra Morse theory, Bull. Differentials Anal. Original in Russian, , Let Ay denote the increment Original in Russian, Suppose that f x is differen- This cari be written utiliz- [24] M. Original in Russian, Bott and G. In partic- Ecole Norm. With respect to the rectangular coordi- X. A function is continuous at a A. First-Order Derivatives point where the function is differentiable, but the converse of this proposition does not hold.

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics

Differentiation able at tbe point x0, and the limit is the deriva- tive differential coefficient or differential For two differentiable functions f and g de- quotient off at the point x0. The process of c ,fl. This limit is called the right left f x is tstrictly increasing or decreasing and derivative or derivative on the right left and is differentiable at x0. The converse of D. The nth an open interval 1. The Mean Value Theorem approximate value of ,f x for x near a. Similarly, we cari calculate limits of such theorem.

A special case of the theorem under indeterminate forms as 0. This limit is called. The partial derivatives f, and f, are off x,y,. We usually assume that domain off and that the curve passes through the point x, y, , z where partial derivatives the point x, y , where the curve is differenti- are considered is an tinterior point of the able. Since in a space of in the direction of the normal to the curve at dimension higher than 1, the tboundary of a x, y is called the normal derivative of w at the domain may be complicated, partial deriva- point x, y on the curve and is denoted by tives at boundary points are usually not con-?

Analogous definitions and notations sidered. If a function ,f possesses a partial de- have been introduced for functions of more rivative with respect to x at every point of an than two variables.

Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N) Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N)
Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N) Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N)
Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N) Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N)
Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N) Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N)
Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N) Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N)
Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N) Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N)
Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N) Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics 1 (A - N)

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