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Method 1 – Adding GTranslate to Divi Theme Header via Widgets – No Coding Required


Contact Info is entered directly below the Header Content 3 option. Example below. Header 3 is essentially the same as Header 2, but with a few small differences. The thin 3px line at the top is removed and the Header Top section, by default, takes on the primary theme color.

Header style 2 options – Ronneby support

Header 4 makes changes to the logo and menu area. The Header Top section is the same as in the previous Header layout, but below that, the middle section contains the Logo to the left and adds a configurable middle right section to the Header layout. If you choose Tagline and Search, or Tagline you will see another field for setting the tagline, and if you choose Banner, a field for the Banner Code will appear. Both of these fields will be visible at the bottom of the Header Content Theme Options Section when the corresponding option is selected.

The Menu in Header 4 is situated in a bottom section of the Header layout, and is centred by default. There is, however, an option to position the menu alternatively to the left or to the right.

Example on CodePen

Header 5 keeps the three sections of the previous layout, but removes the middle right section, and centers both the Logo and the Menu by default. It has a centred logo, and a search icon and a mobile menu on the far right. The Mobile Menu icon triggers a Flyout Menu, which, as noted below, only shows parent items. Header 7 is the latest addition to the Header Layouts, and is a very minimalistic layout.

It has a fixed centered logo, with menu items displayed on either side. There are no other specific options for this Header Layout. The default value is px. How Can We Help You? Search for:. Header Layouts.

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They even found a way to code in the same translator. I simply wanted to share both methods.

Either method could be useful in different circumstances. Need a quote for setting up GTranslate on your site? Email us now! Assumes you have previously installed and configured the Gtranslate Plugin Hit Update to save your widget and done!

Or stop the header from shrinking? HTML 4.


Add GTranslate to Divi Theme Header – 2 Quick ways

Chrome Full support Yes. Edge Full support Yes. Firefox Full support 1. IE Full support Yes.

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Opera Full support Yes. Safari Full support Yes. WebView Android Full support Yes.

Chrome Android Full support Yes. Firefox Android Full support 4. Opera Android Full support Yes. Safari iOS Full support Yes. Samsung Internet Android Full support Yes.

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