Judaism & contemporary psychoanalysis

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Psychoanalysis in Israel: Trauma, Anti-Semitism, and Victimization

In this rich and original book, Aron and Henik bring these issues into the present. In keeping with relational and post-modern precepts, their effort is dialogic and intertextual; that is, it is not about Freud's dilemma, but rather about exploring and extending contemporary mutual influences. Brilliant and enlightening, this book represents a wide and impressive spectrum of scholarship and will be of great value to anyone interested in the interface between Judaism, psychoanalysis and culture.

So, what's not to like? The study and practice of psychoanalysis share a deep connection with the study and practice of Judaism. Although Freud's concern was that the relationship between psychoanalysis and Judaism would lead to the demise of psychoanalysis, Lew Aron and Libby Henik set out to demonstrate how fundamentally entwined psychoanalysis is with Judaism The answer to a question and the solution to a problem can come from a number of places. However many times a solution is offered, we may reject or obscure our understanding.

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Like the religious man and the patient in analysis, the reader must make his or her own meaning of the experience. The essays collected here provide a glimpse of two historic traditions.

Through inquiry and exploration of the inner and outer world, both share that fundamental human desire to make meaning out of chaos and to bring a deeper understanding to what it means to be human. Donner "PsycCritiques " "Aron and Henik have assembled 14 thoughtful, well-researched essays, some of them pathbreaking, on the historical and intellectual imbrication of Jewish thought and modern psychoanalysis. Particularly rich is the grouping on biblical commentary, which includes essays on the relation to psychoanalysis of rabbinic exegesis, Midrashic tradition, and biblical narrative.

This book will interest anyone concerned with the intellectual and cultural history of psychoanalysis and its implications for further speculation and therapy. Highly recommended.

Uebel, University of Texas "CHOICE December " "Long overdue, this sumptuous anthology of recent writings on the multiple interconnections between Judaism and contemporary psychoanalysis is endlessly illuminating. The range is indeed broad, from theology God, of course , to biblical narratives the Garden of Eden narrative , to ritual shiva on one side, and from Freud of course to Winnicott and Stephen Mitchell on the other. The scholarship is both impeccable and accessible to the general reader.

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A major contribution to both fields. Each contributor has original insights into the history and practice of psychoanalysis, the fascinating question of Freud's Jewishness, and the role of psychoanalysis in modern Jewish self-understanding. Edited by Aron director, New York U. Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis and Henik in private practice in New York and New Jersey , this collection brings together 14 essays offering wide-ranging perspectives on psychoanalysis in Jewish contexts.

Following an overview of the historiography of scholarship in the field as a 'Jewish wisdom tradition, ' US contributors examine topics including the interpretation of dreams, shiva the Jewish mourning ritual , the Commandments, Garden of Eden narratives, transformation through mysticism or psychoanalysis, and anti- Semitism through theoretical formulations, clinical case examples, and biblical-type commentary.

Portland, OR "Answering a Question with a Question: Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Jewish Thought, edited by Lewis Aron and Libby Henik, is a timely and welcome collection of essays by Jewish psychoanalysts exemplifying the whole range of Jewish denominations including ultra-Orthodoxy.

Psychoanalysis and the Making of Modern Jewish Identity, 1st Edition

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Hate and the ‘Jewish Science’: Anti-Semitism, Nazism and Psychoanalysis (Book Review)

Drawing on both theory and practice, Jones not only reviews the relevant psychoanalytic literature but also illustrates his thesis with an in-depth discussion of four clinical cases. He examines models of transference since Freud by Fairbairn, Kohut, Gill, and Roland, and he describes previous applications of psychoanalysis to religion by Rizzuto, Winnicott, and Kohut.

He concludes by discussing the nature of religion, bringing such theologians, philosophers, and psychoanalysts as Otto, Bollas, Tillich, and Buber into a multi-disciplinary dialogue. The book will give the scholar and student of religious studies the latest psychoanalytic theories and demonstrate their relevance for religious studies. It will also help the clinician grasp the role of religion in human life.

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Jones has a rare and welcome gift for surveying a complex argument and grasping the heart of it. His inclusion of case studies distinguishes his book from other works in the genre. Jones presents it lucidly with a minimum of jargon.

Hate and the ‘Jewish Science’: Anti-Semitism, Nazism and Psychoanalysis (Book Review)

He relates it to basic religious issues in a fresh and knowledgeable way. One need not be expert in psychology or its formidable jargon to love this book. Read and re-read this book. It is refreshing to read a work that brings together theology, psychoanalytic thought, and professional practice in a way that does not diminish any one aspect.

Judaism & contemporary psychoanalysis Judaism & contemporary psychoanalysis
Judaism & contemporary psychoanalysis Judaism & contemporary psychoanalysis
Judaism & contemporary psychoanalysis Judaism & contemporary psychoanalysis
Judaism & contemporary psychoanalysis Judaism & contemporary psychoanalysis
Judaism & contemporary psychoanalysis Judaism & contemporary psychoanalysis
Judaism & contemporary psychoanalysis Judaism & contemporary psychoanalysis

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